December 27, 2023

Sports Injures: What Common Dental Problems Do Athletes Usually Experience? 

If you are a professional athlete who is involved in contact sports, you need to take good care...

Sports Injures: What Common Dental Problems Do Athletes Usually Experience?

If you are a professional athlete who is involved in contact sports, you need to take good care of your teeth and gums. These people are always in danger of experiencing sudden dental traumas, which can lead to awful complications you can’t ever imagine. That’s why dentists offer special services to them, as their condition is unique and requires so much attention and care. Our dentists at Gentle Dental are also significantly experienced, educated, and qualified about sport-related injuries and offer quality dental care services for those athletes. Now, the important point is having enough information on common dental traumas these people experience. That’s because having information can always give you the ability to manage these sudden situations, ideally in order to increase the chance of saving your smile. According to what our emergency dentists in Burnaby say, athletes are one of those people who come to dental clinics too often due to unexpected and urgent dental problems. Keep reading this blog to learn about common dental problems among athletes and their treatments. 

Fractured Tooth Roots 

In severe accidents, the root of the tooth may get dangerous which is a very serious condition. It’s a very traumatic experience that should be perfectly handled by a professional before it gets too late. In such conditions, our Burnaby skillful endodontists are the best choice if you don’t know whom to visit. They examine your condition and offer you the best possible treatment plan. 

  • Treatment:If you are lucky enough, a root canal can preserve the tooth. Otherwise, you need our extraction services in Burnaby as the last option since there is no other way to save that tooth.

Tooth Intrusion 

It’s a very rare condition but can happen when the tooth is knocked back into the jawbone. It leads to intolerable pain as it causes severe infection of the dental pulp. 

  • Treatment:The best option is undergoing surgery based on the nature of the damage. Our experienced oral surgeons in Burnaby can offer these services in the highest quality possible. They do their best and put all their efforts to save the tooth when possible. 

Chipped Tooth 

A sudden blow to your face or falling are two common causes of a fractured or chipped tooth. The severity of the damage should be determined by your dentist in order to create the most suitable treatment plan. 

  • Treatment:If the level of damage isn’t that severe, our dentists can use quality fillings in Burnaby in order to restore the shape and structure of your tooth. These fillings are tooth-colored, so you don’t need to worry about your smile appearance. Moreover, they can use our crown and bridge services in Burnaby in more serious cases to provide you with optimal results. 

Tooth Loss 

It’s the most traumatic incident an athlete can ever experience. Fortunately, you have options to replace it. 

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