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Are you experiencing the discomfort of misaligned teeth? Are you in search of a skilled orthodontist in Burnaby? Look no further than Gentle Dental. With a team of experienced, highly qualified orthodontists, this clinic is dedicated to delivering top-notch dental services to the residents of Burnaby. Whether you require advanced orthodontic treatments in Burnaby for yourself or your beloved children, our orthodontists in Burnaby and the surrounding areas are committed to meeting all of your dental needs with their expertise and dedication.

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    The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

    Without a doubt, having teeth that are crooked or misaligned not only affects one’s ability to have a beautiful smile but can also lead to oral health issues, difficulty chewing, and problems with the jaw. That’s why our team of professional and knowledgeable orthodontists in Burnaby strongly recommend undergoing dental orthodontic services.

    Moreover, according to our orthodontic dentists in Burnaby, these popular cosmetic dentist in their treatments offer numerous benefits, some of which include:

    – Reducing the risk of tooth decay or other issues for emergency dentist 

    – Correcting the shape and structure of the teeth

    – Improving the appearance of the lips

    – Closing gaps between teeth

    – Enhancing facial aesthetics

    – Addressing digestive issues

    When it comes to child orthodontic services, the benefits are even more significant. The expert orthodontists in Burnaby at our clinic have highlighted the following advantages for children’s orthodontic treatments:

    – Preventing crooked teeth

    – Avoiding deformities of the lips and jaws

    – Guiding proper jaw growth

    – Reducing the risk of future problems

    If you’re in search of highly skilled child orthodontists near Burnaby, look no further than Gentle Dental. Our state-of-the-art orthodontic services have brought countless smiles to the faces of happy children and young patients, establishing us as one of the most reputable and successful child orthodontic clinics in Burnaby and the surrounding area.

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    The Process of Orthodontics Services

    The process of orthodontic treatment for aligning the upper and lower jaws involves multiple stages that skilled and extensively trained orthodontists should carry out. Therefore, it is crucial to select a top-notch orthodontist as your initial step in order to ensure that your teeth straightening procedure is executed to the highest standard. Once you have made this important choice, you can confidently rely on your dental professional to handle the orthodontic dental treatment of your teeth while you await the outcome. Generally, orthodontic procedure for both jaws includes consultation, assessment, taking x-rays if needed, treating severe emergency dental issues to avoid further problems, taking impressions, restoring teeth, applying braces, observing the necessary dental care, and having regular dental checkups.

    includes the following steps:

    Step 1: A thorough consultation is required to assess the type and severity of your conditions. X-rays may be needed to have a closer look at your over-crowding teeth.

    Step 2: Treat all potential dental problems you may suffer from prior to your orthodontic treatments.

    Step 3: Apply dental braces on your teeth.

    Step 4: Observe the necessary dental care during your routine dental check-ups.

    A beautiful smile with a set of healthy and straighter teeth is achievable if you make a phone call to see our extensively trained orthodontist in Burnaby.  


    FAQs about Our Orthodontic Services in Burnaby

    As orthodontic dental treatment is a time-consuming process, it is natural for patients to have numerous inquiries throughout the treatment duration. To address this, our team of expert Burnaby orthodontic specialists at Gentle Dental has gathered a comprehensive list of commonly asked questions and provided precise answers to each one. Furthermore, if you have a question that is not included in the provided list, you are welcome to reach out to our dedicated orthodontists for assistance. 

    Dental orthodontics candidates are classified into two main groups:

    Those who care about the neatness and beauty of their teeth.

    Those for whom dental health and oral hygiene are very important

    According to our experienced orthodontist in Burnaby, at this stage, vital treatment measures include:

    • Brushing teeth after each meal using small, soft brushes to remove food around braces.
    • Learning the correct brushing technique with braces and using special orthodontic brushes.
    • Minimizing consumption of sticky, sweet foods.
    • Using dental floss post-meals.
    • Avoiding colorful foods/drinks.

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