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At Gentle Dental, you will Experience top-quality dental care if you need various types of oral surgery services in Burnaby.

Highly Skilled Oral Surgeon in Burnaby

Look only as far as Gentle Dental if you need the help of a top-rated oral surgeon in Burnaby who is an expert at dealing with your oral surgery requirements. Here, all essential dentistry tools are available to ensure your Burnaby oral surgery treatments go smoothly.


    Additionally, our prominent clinic offers a full range of other exceptional services to help you stay away from life-threatening dental issues and preserve your sparkling smile for a lifetime. These exceptional services include:

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    Oral Surgeon in Burnaby

    Most Common Types of Oral Surgery Services

    Our well-reputed clinic offers a comprehensive array of oral surgery procedures tailored to meet your specific needs, including:

    Tooth Extraction

    Burnaby dental extraction may be advised in cases of extensive tooth decay, periodontal disease (gum disease), dental injuries, or complications related to wisdom teeth.

    A Tooth Implant

    In situations where you have experienced tooth loss, our professional oral surgeons in Burnaby can perform a surgical procedure to insert a post that acts as a replacement root. Teeth implants are widely acknowledged as the most dependable and durable solution for replacing missing teeth, renowned for their exceptional longevity.

    Wisdom Tooth Removal

    When there is insufficient space in your jawbones for your wisdom teeth to fully emerge, they can become impacted, requiring surgical tooth extraction.

    At Gentle Dental, we strive to professionally solve your dental needs through top-of-the-line oral surgeries in Burnaby.

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    We treat with both clear Invisalign and traditional metal or porcelain braces.
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    Practical Caring Tips after Undergoing Oral Surgery Procedures

    Following your treatments, your oral surgeon in Burnaby will provide you with detailed guidelines. These instructions typically involve:

    • -Rest and avoid strenuous routine activities for a few days after the surgery.
    • -Apply ice to reduce swelling.
    • -Avoid having hot food and beverages.
    • -Stick to soft and watery foods during the recovery period.
    • -Take all prescribed antibiotics as directed.
    • -Maintain proper oral hygiene habits and keep your mouth clean.

    Vital Steps in Oral Surgery Appointments

    In the following parts, we provide you with a comprehensive list of essential steps that our Burnaby oral surgeon should take to ensure your oral health is in good shape:


    • Communicating with patients to learn more about their medical history and current medications
    • Monitoring of vital symptoms to ensure the patients are ready for their required surgery
    • Administrating anesthesia to numb the surgical area
    • Providing the surgery using high-tech tools and materials
    • Providing post-operative instructions to ensure a smooth recovery


    Adhering to these meticulous steps ensures that oral surgery appointments in Burnaby are conducted with precision, safety, and patient comfort in mind.




    FAQs Provided by our Knowledgeable Burnaby Oral Surgeon

    When it becomes necessary to undergo oral surgery, it is natural to have inquiries regarding the procedure itself. At Gentle Dental, our surgeons are dedicated to addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Below, you will find rational responses to frequently asked questions about dental surgery.

    The recovery period after an oral surgery procedure in Burnaby typically requires a few days of rest, while complete healing may take 1-2 weeks. Bear in mind to contact us immediately if you encounter any post-operative discomfort or signs of infection.

    Generally, all types of oral surgery services are safe and painless; however, it is crucial to follow the prescribed medication instructions precisely to eliminate the risk of further complications. If your dental surgeon in Burnaby has prescribed antibiotics, it is important to complete the full course to prevent the development of an infection. In the case of pain medication, it may be helpful to take one dose before the anesthesia wears off upon returning home.