March 13, 2024

Fractured Tooth: 5 Popular Approaches to Address It

Once you feel your tooth is cracked or fractured, you probably become significantly frightened. Regardless of the causes,...

Once you feel your tooth is cracked or fractured, you probably become significantly frightened. Regardless of the causes, it’s a very serious problem that should be addressed as soon as possible before causing more complications. These chips can form easily and unexpectedly when eating your favorite candy or experiencing a serious impact on your face. That’s why many athletes suffer from this problem, and dentists are used to visiting them for this cause. There are many options to choose from in order to address a cracked tooth in the best way possible. Here at Burnaby Family Dentistry, our experts examine your condition to see which item can meet your needs perfectly and complete your smile. There are many different types of cracks, including craze lines, fractured cusp, split teeth, etc. Each condition requires a special treatment plan, and dentists can’t treat all patients using the same approach. It’s critical to understand these available chances and know which one of them matches your current requirements. You can also visit our cosmetic dentists in Burnaby for a detailed and helpful consultation. Continue exploring this blog to gain all the information you need!


These shells are designed to cover the imperfections of your front dental surface. They alter your tooth appearance and restore your cracked tooth if the damage isn’t too extensive. There are different types of veneers available, and we offer porcelain veneers in Burnaby, which are the most functional and popular ones. Fortunately, they can last for 30 years and keep your smile pearly if you maintain them ideally.

Fractured Tooth: 5 Popular Approaches to Address It



If you have a poorly shaped, stained, chipped, or cracked tooth, you can choose dental bonding to restore it safely. It’s a non-invasive procedure in which your dentist shapes the resin in a way that addresses the intended problems. In this way, the cracks on your teeth will be filled with this material naturally. The longevity of this treatment is about ten years or even more if you choose our Burnaby bonding services since quality is our priority.


When the severity of damage is high, you may need a crown to restore the tooth. It protects the whole structure of your cracked tooth to prevent any possible damage to your oral wellness. Their appearance is completely natural and you can be sure about the quality if you choose our crown services in Burnaby offered by the most reliable professionals.

Root Canal

If you leave your cracked tooth untreated for a while, it can lead to infection and affect the nerve and pulp inside the tooth. It’s critical to control this situation and prevent the infection from extending to other body regions. In such cases, you have to consider our Burnaby endodontic services first, and then you can restore the tooth.


If you postpone receiving proper care for your cracked tooth, you may simply lose it. In such cases, your dentist has no other option but to extract it to prevent damage to other teeth. Afterward, you can visit our implant specialists in Burnaby to complete your smile.

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