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Do you wish to replace your lost teeth with advanced yet affordable dental implants in Burnaby? The dental specialists at Gentle Dental can help you. Visit us right now, and smile and chew again confidently.

Affordable Dental Implants in Burnaby

If you are not feeling confident enough to smile due to your lost teeth, we can help you at Gentle Dental. We utilize top-of-the-line dentistry tools to offer successful dental implants in Burnaby and the surrounding area. At our equipped dental implant center in Burnaby, we gift you a set of permanent teeth and restore your dazzling smile. No matter how many missing teeth you have, just visit our dental implant specialists as soon as you can.


    The Pros of Dental Implants

    Our dentist in Burnaby services have highlighted several key benefits of this treatment, which has made it a preferred and widely recognized option for individuals with one or more missing teeth, surpassing dentures and dental bridges in terms of popularity and effectiveness.

    • Exceptional Durability 

    Typically, teeth are responsible for assisting in the chewing process, which means that any replacement option must possess sufficient durability. Dental implants, commonly crafted from titanium, exhibit remarkable resistance to pressure. Through a process called osseointegration, the implant’s titanium base fuses with the jawbone, mimicking the function of a natural tooth root and ensuring exceptional strength for the implant. This is the first reason that convinced our dental specialists to offer our professional dental implants in Burnaby to those who have lost their teeth. 

    • Prolonged Longevity

    An outstanding benefit of implant dentistry is its remarkable lifespan. Our accomplished dental implant dentist in Burnaby emphasizes that modern dental implants boast an impressive success rate, exceeding 97% even after a decade of use. These tooth replacement procedures are often regarded as lifelong treatments. By opting for reputable implant brands and adhering to necessary care protocols, implants can accompany you throughout your lifetime.

    The Path to a Seamless Healing Journey After Dental Implant Surgery


    Recovery after dental implant surgery is a crucial phase in the journey towards a restored smile. While individual experiences may vary, the typical recovery time is relatively short. With the help of Burnaby teeth implant specialist, we provide you with a list of straightforward recommendations that can speed up your recovery time after implant services in Burnaby:

    • Using prescribed medication to manage pain, irritation, and discomfort
    • Adhering to the recommended guidelines to deal with swelling and bruising around the surgical area
    • Sticking to a soft and liquid diet for a few days after the surgery
    • Quit smoking
    • Maintaining good oral hygiene


    At Gentle Dental, we provide simple and effective tips to guide all valued patients through a smooth recovery after Burnaby dental implant treatment.



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    Enhanced Aesthetics

    As our professional and best implant dentist in Burnaby says, dental implants offer a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance. They seamlessly blend with your natural teeth, preserving your facial structure as they are securely anchored within the jawbone.


    Prevention of Gum and Bone Loss

    An investment in dental implant services is also an investment in your oral health. By integrating with the jawbone, dental implants stimulate gum tissue and prevent the deterioration of both gums and underlying bone, ensuring long-term oral health.


    Comfort and Easy Maintenance

    Teeth implant services provide exceptional comfort and are easy to maintain. Their care and maintenance closely resemble that of natural teeth, making daily oral hygiene routines simple and familiar.


    Preservation of Adjacent Teeth

    Unlike dental bridge treatments that rely on adjacent teeth for support, teeth implants rely on the jawbone. With dental bridges, adjacent teeth may require trimming or alteration to accommodate the bridge. In contrast, dental implants eliminate the need for any modification to adjacent teeth, preserving their natural structure and integrity.

    If you are looking for a modern teeth implant clinic near Burnaby and the surrounding area, we are here to help. With extensive years of experience and expertise, the dental team at Gentle Dental takes pride in providing the best dental implants in Burnaby. Contact us right now to have a free dental implant consultation

    Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants 

    Before proceeding with dental implant services, it is crucial to gather comprehensive information about your dental implant dentist. This ensures a thorough understanding of the procedure. Here are some sample questions answered by our highly trained dental implant specialists in Burnaby to help guide your inquiries:

    Typically, there is a waiting period of several months between the implant placement and the ability to utilize the implanted tooth. This interval allows the bone to undergo growth and fusion with the implant surface, ensuring sufficient stability to withstand the forces exerted by the jaw. This process typically takes between three to six months. Subsequently, the abutment and tooth cover are connected, resulting in the acquisition of a fully functional tooth. 

    For precise information regarding the duration of your specific dental implant procedure, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our dental implant dentists in Burnaby. They will be able to assess your individual case and provide you with accurate details regarding the timeline of your treatment.

    – Individuals who have lost all the teeth in either the upper or lower jaw.

    – Those with a missing front tooth where the gap between the adjacent teeth is within the normal range.

    – Individuals with multiple missing teeth where the spacing between the adjacent teeth is normal.

    – Those with one or more missing teeth at the end of each dental arch, with a normal tooth present on only one side.

    – People who are unable to utilize artificial teeth.

    – Individuals seeking to enhance their speech capabilities.