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For getting long-lasting, professional dental crowns in Burnaby, visit us at Gentle Dental. Utilizing state-of-the-art dental tools enables us to gift you a dazzling smile.

Cutting-edge Dental Crowns in Burnaby

Are you suffering from cavities and wish to treat them to have a dazzling smile? Benefit from our advanced dental crowns in Burnaby. If you wish to enhance your smile, you can visit the professional dental team at Gentle Dental to go through our high-quality yet affordable cosmetic dental crowns in Burnaby and the surrounding area. We will proudly bring you a set of beautiful, healthy teeth with sparkling smiles that will maintain their brilliance for many years to come. The highly skilled dental specialists at our clinic are dedicated to offering an exceptional level of quality dental cap services in Burnaby for all valued patients. Do not hesitate to contact our office and book your appointment.


    The Process of Dental Crowns

    dental crown, also known as a dental cap, is an artificial device designed to conceal dental imperfections and restore the natural appearance and shape of a tooth. Our specialist who provides tooth crown services in Burnaby explains that this dental procedure involves applying an artificial restoration that serves as a protective “covering” for a damaged or decayed tooth or as a cap for a dental implant. The dental crown functions like a helmet, safeguarding the tooth and becoming its new outer surface. Dentists affix the crown to the tooth or implant by using specialized cement. By placing a crown or tooth cap on the teeth, they are strengthened, serving as a viable alternative to fillings in cases where the tooth structure has been extensively compromised and there is insufficient natural tooth remaining.

    If you are in need of a professional dental crown in Burnaby and the surrounding area, you can visit our equipped and modern dental crown clinic. You can also have a free teeth crown consultation with us. 

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    The Advantages of Dental Crowns

    • Aesthetic Considerations:

    Porcelain dental crowns are crafted to match the size, shape, color, and size of your original teeth, yet they tend to wear down relatively easily. Nonetheless, our Burnaby dental cap clinic offers various alternatives, such as porcelain crowns fused with metal zirconia, to cater to your desire for an exquisite smile with beautiful teeth.

    • Long-Term Fix:

    As affirmed by our skilled Burnaby dental crown specialistdental crowns offer a permanent solution that doesn’t necessitate regular removal or separate cleaning. Routine brushing and flossing effectively prevent infections around the crowns.

    • Preservation of Natural Teeth:

    Utilizing a tooth crown involves removing only the weakened or damaged portion of the tooth. The crown is custom-made to fit atop the remaining real tooth structure.

    • Minimally Invasive Approach:

    This treatment entails a straightforward procedure that avoids nerve or gum involvement. Consequently, only the visible part of the tooth is addressed, reducing the likelihood of complications and expediting the healing process associated with dental crowns.

    Do you want to feel assured that you will get the best type of dental crowns with the most desired outcome? Have a free tooth crown consultation at Gentle Dental, a trusted dental clinic in Burnaby. 

    Practical Tips to Maintain Teeth Crowns

    If you prefer to use modern approaches for maintaining Burnaby dental crowns and extending their lifespan, adhere to the fundamental recommendations outlined in the following section:

    • Sticking to excellent oral hygiene
    • Avoiding hard or sticky foods
    • Refraining from adverse habits like teeth-grinding
    • Attending to regular dental check-ups

    At Gentle Dental, we utilize top-quality materials to create durable teeth crowns in Burnaby at affordable rates.

    FAQs about Our Tooth Cap Services in Burnaby

    Review our FAQ part before undergoing a dental crown procedure. This will help you have a better understanding of our cosmetic dental crowns in Burnaby

    Some patients are not suggested to have our Burnaby dental crowns, including those who:

    • Smoke, which can cause decay of the tooth crown
    • Do not observe oral hygiene, as poor dental care increases the risk of crown infection.
    • Are prone to cavities and other urgent dental issues since the development of a cavity behind the crown may necessitate its removal.
    • Have weakened gums or teeth, potentially leading to excessive bleeding and swelling following crown placement.
    • Have unhealthy habits such as nail biting and teeth grinding. 

    Do not worry since our professional performing dental crown services in Burnaby uses different methods to repair the crown of a broken tooth. If the crown of the tooth is partially cracked, our dentist will repair it using a special resin (the same color as the tooth).